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Quantum Pharmatech Services is a leading provider of pharmaceutical consultancy services. They offer a full suite of services that are designed to help companies in the pharmaceutical industry navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of this field. Their services include cleanroom design, air conditioning system installation, HVAC systems, civil and structural engineering designs, and many more.

Their expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals helps companies find the right equipment and systems for their needs. They have a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the industry and stay current with the latest developments. This allows them to provide clients with expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services | Quantum Pharmatech Services

Our Expert Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services

Plant layout designing as per Gmp.

Pharmaceutical Project designing as per the regulatory requirement of schedule-M, WHO, GMP, USFDA, MHRA, TGA
▪ Architectural Drawing
▪ Man & material flow Drawings
▪ Mech. & Engg. drawing facility

Plant layout designing as per Gmp | Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services

Professionally Civil Engineering Designing

Complete civil and structural engineering designs showing the general layout and detailed drawing
for RCC, structural steel, and allied works.

  • Foundation drawings for equipment
  • Design and drawings for cable racks or busbar pipe racks and bridges and their foundations
  • Civil and Structural drawing of plant Building Considering GMP requirement.
  • Construction Management
  • Specification for the floor, Wall, and Ceiling, in Plant.
  • Specification for cleanroom portion panels, door, windows

Professionally Civil Engineering Designing

Clean Room Design

  • To Install Clean Room of class 100 to 100000 HVAC Project
  • Contamination Control
  • Design and detailed specifications and tender drawings for all items requirement related to HVAC
  • Area Classification
  • Clean Room

Clean Room Design

Heat ventilation & Air Condition(HVAC) Design

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) – Double Skin/ Single Skin
  • HVAC single-line airflow diagrams as per GMP requirement
  • Chiller & AHU piping and ducting layout drawing with the proposed location of HVAC equipment
  • AHU grouping, AHU Filtration level drawing, Room Classification, Pressure Zoning
  • AHU DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, etc.

Heat ventilation & Air Condition (HVAC) Design

Electrical Engineering

  • Design Engineering of Electrical distribution in Plant
  • Drawing & designing of high tension Yard (HT Yard)
  • Cable Specification, Transformer, VCB, Isolate Panel, LT Panel, Utility panel,
  • HVAC Panel, Water plant panel, Cable tray layout, Earthing, fire alarm, Networking, UPS Etc Drawing.

Pharmaceutical Electrical Engineering Design

Plant Utility Design

  • Selection of suitable utilities for plant
  • Preparation of P & ID for the purified water plant,& distribution system
  • Multi-Column Distillation Plant
  • Pure Steam Generator System
  • Boiler
  • Air compressor system
  • Central Vacuum System, Dust Extraction system
  • Gas System
  • CIP& SIP System
  • ETP & STP

Plant Utility Design

Boiler Drawing

Boiler Drawing

Machinery Selection

All Area machinery selection

  • Small Volume Injections                  Oral Solid Dosage
  • Ampoules                                             Tablets
  • Vials                                                      Capsules
  • Sterile Dry Powder                             Powders
  • Cephalosporins                                   Liquid Dosage Forms
  • Beta-Lactam                                        Oral Liquids
  • Ophthalmic Solutions                        External Liquids
  • Ear and Nose Solutions                     Ointments
  • Large Volume Parenterals

Machinery Selection


Complete plant documentation like SOP, Batch manufacturing records, CTD dossiers, Qualification, validation, etc. Feasibility of the study report of Pharmaceutical projects: Preparation of feasibility study report including technical & financial calculations. Third-Party Inspection: Inspection feasibility of project report Clean Room Design: Designing of cleanroom from ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9 (FS209E Class 1 to Class 100,000) Designing of modular wall partition, walkable/non-walkable ceiling, Doors, windows, clean room light fittings. Preparation of specifications for cleanroom modular partition, Bill of quantity(BOQ), and tender documents.


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