Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design & Construction

Quantum Pharmatech configures, builds, and presents a cleanroom design that satisfies any classification rules and industry-unequivocal requirements. Puff panel walls in clean rooms are used to construct measured cleanroom conditions, easily revamped to your exceptional application, and can be changed, broadened, combined, or moved as your task needs to advance.

Our cleanroom design experts work with you to design the ideal arrangement, wind stream model, and level of control expected to come to your cleanroom classification and keep your office in max execution and capability reliably. To get all that moving and for cleanroom construction, call us!

The pharmaceutical industry depends on weighty unofficial law, and pharmaceutical cleanroom design and construction should satisfy strict guidelines and requirements. The base norm for pharmaceutical cleanrooms is, by and large, ISO 5 (Federal Standard 209 Class 100), which requires 240-600 air changes each hour and 35-70% roof inclusion to keep a climate of 100,000 0.1μm particles for every cubic meter.

Quantum PharmaTech Services plans, develops and introduces the greatest pharmaceutical cleanrooms to meet these requirements. We offer measured cleanrooms that can be unattached, have separate secluded units, or utilize your current divider and construction.


Cleanroom classifications are a significant piece of cleanroom plan, advancement, and regular use. They control a cleanroom’s level of neatness. The permitted measure of defilement characterizes them by molecule count and size, as well as the vital air change rates relying upon the cleanroom’s classification level.

There is an assortment of classification types that administer cleanroom tidiness; however, the fundamental framework was spread out by the International Standards Organization. ISO classifications apply to all enterprises and applications.


The International Standards Organization’s classification framework turned into the authority framework in 2001, supplanting the Federal 209E Standards. The new framework expanded the extent of classifications to incorporate more kinds of cleanrooms, adding two stricter classes and one less severe. Where the Federal 209E Standards depicted Classes 1-100,000 (or ISO Classes 3-8), the ISO 14644-1 classification encompasses a wide assortment of cleanrooms separated into Classes 1-9.

As a wide range of ISO classifications exists, each laying out the principles and classifications for different enterprises, the most broadly involved ISO classification archive for cleanrooms is ISO 14644-1. Other cleanroom ISO reports, such as ISO 13485 for clinical gadget cleanrooms or ISO 14698 for cleanroom biocontamination control, were created to focus on dangers those particular applications typically face and work to keep their surroundings as spotless as conceivable.